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NOTE: the calculator is player-made and while quite accurate, it is not a 100% representation of TalonRO's gameplay. It is highly discouraged to base in-game purchases on results obtained through this calculator.

Changelog [hide/show]

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[Update 2016-05-05]
- fixed Ship Captain's Hat, it increases DEX by 1 and ranged damage by 7% instead of 3%
- fixed Little Feather Hat and Sharp Arrow combo, +5% crit damage will be added even though a melee weapon is equiped for classes which are able to equip arrows
- fixed Brocca R, it no longer increases damage against small and large sized monsters, damage against medium sized is decreased to 20% instead of 25%
- added lower headgear: Vajra

Character Simulator

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Base Stats
LV JobLV Class

Remaining Status Points48
Extended Info

Max HP Max SP DEF MDEF HIT FLEE Perfect Dodge Critical ATK MATK ASPD HP Regen SP Regen
40 11 0+1 0+1
WOE: 0+1
2 2
WOE: 1
1.1 1.3 1+0
WOE: 1+0
1~1 150.2 1 1

Weapon Settings
Speed Potion:     Weapon Type:

Weapon & Armor / Cards
Weapon: Attribute:

Item Data

Passive / Duration Skills
Supportive / Party Skills

Monster Combat Simulator

Attack Skills:   

no picture available =(
More infoMobDB
DEF55 + 64~72RaceDemi-Human
MDEF50 + 57ElementShadow4
Perfect Hit167SizeLarge
95% Dodge289
By Place
Combat Results
Hit Ratio5%
Dodge Ratio6.04%
Critical Damage1
Critical Rate0%
Minimum Damage1
Average Damage1
Maximum Damage1
Damage Per Second0.05
Minimum Number of HitsOver 10000 Hits
Average Number of HitsOver 10000 Hits
Maximum Number of HitsInfinite (no 100% Hit)
Average Battle DurationToo High to Calculate
Base Exp Per HitImmesurable
Job Exp Per HitImmesurable
Average Damage Recieved1875 (1600~2150)
Average Damage Recieved (w/dodge)1761.66 Damage
-- Special Skills --
EarthquakeNot Available
Hell's Judgment
Monster Buffs
Monster Debuffs
Monster Skills

Buffs, items and other stuff

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Miscellaneous Effects
Guild Skills
Gospel Effects
Music and Dance Skills
Items (Food / Etc.)

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Additional Effects
Manual Edits

Minimum Delay Between Active Skills:  
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Translated and adapted by Doddler
Old updates/translations by Gandi
Remade/Updated by Triper
Adjusted to TalonRO by FlynnQ